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A Summer Book Haul

Hello, readers! I haven’t done a book haul yet on this blog, but I have definitely acquired a lot of books during this time period. To be honest, I’ve been holding off making this because I feel like I always have books on the way, but now I finally have them all together.

I bought twenty-one books this whole summer, which I guess isn’t bad compared to some people, and I do read the books I buy relatively quickly after receiving them.

I’m going to split this up by the month I bought them because that just makes the most sense to me. I do have a couple new releases that I did preorder, but I am going to count them for the month that they were released in. I also have linked the Goodreads page for every book.




Those are all the books I bought over the summer. What was your favorite book that you bought? I’d love to chat with you down in the comments!

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