My Mission As A Reader

Hello, readers! Today I thought I would talk about my journey as a reader and as a blogger and what I hope to take out of it. This is inspired by many of Bookandlala’s reading vlogs where she frequently talks her taste in books.

I have been reading books ever since I was seven and learned how to read, and it’s always been a form of escapism for me. I read when I need to get out of my own brain, but I also read as a way to de-stress myself and relax, which may be moderately odd considering I read a lot of really emotional books. I’ve always had so much fun reading new adventures even before I could read myself.

One thing I’d like to explore in this blog is my taste in books and what type of books I am drawn to compared to the ones that I do end up liking. I would like to distinguish that there is a difference between the two of these for me. I can think that a plot is interesting and hope that I like it, but it frequently doesn’t end up being a favorite or even necessarily a book I like. The truth is, I don’t feel like I know my tastes that well yet despite the fact that I’ve been reading for most of my life.

I would like to be able to confidently (or at least as confidently as I can saw without reading a book) that I am not interested in a book and not read it no matter how big the hype is. There are too many books in the world for me to be motivated to read a book just because other people like it. If I know it has a trope I don’t like or is even in a genre I know I have a bad history with, I shouldn’t pick it up. I shouldn’t feel swayed to read it because I’ve heard so many great things so I will,  too, because that is just wrong.

That won’t stop me from still trying books I probably won’t like because it’s fair that there will be exceptions. For example, I have noticed that I am not the biggest fantasy reader, which feels kinda sacrilegious to say. I have liked many fantasy books, but I don’t feel like there’s one that’s made a long-lasting impact on me. At least, not in a high fantasy setting. I really like books with magic in the real world, but I don’t like it in a made-up world as much. Many of my favorites with magic have a more contemporary feel to them. This is probably because I’m not super into series, but none of the standalones I’ve read have hit the mark for me. If you want to see me prove my point, here is my review for An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson.

I am on the hunt for the perfect book. What is the perfect book for me and what about it makes it perfect for me? It won’t be a perfect book for me because reading is so subjective and no two people have the same taste in books, but it will be the perfect book for me. Right now, I am gravitating towards saying that A Monster Calls is my perfect book because it’s emotional, magical in a realistic way, strong non-romantic relationships, and a coming of age story. Those elements that I always end up loving. It I do really love Anne of Green Gables and say that it’s my favorite book, but it I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect for me.

Another part of my perfect book, and yours, dear reader, is the timing. I think it’s very fair to say that our tastes evolve but also our moods can largely impact our thoughts on a book. I am currently in a reading slump, and I read Check Please last month in the hopes to get me out of my slump, but I felt very meh again. This is definitely a book I would think is sweet and like in another situation, but in my reading slump, I was overwhelmed by the amount of words and felt a little bored. I don’t think that A Monster Calls is the perfect book for me because I can’t relate to Conor’s problems. I am very fortunate to have both my parents so I couldn’t relate to the most important part of the book.

It may seem like a daunting and intimidating task, but I am very much looking forward to what I learn about not only my taste in books but myself as I go on my mission, which is really what I have been doing for the entirety of this blog, and I am so glad to go on this with all of you.


That is the end of my discussion! Why do you blog? What is your reading mission? Let’s have a conversation down below. I’d love to talk to you.

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A 22-year-old college student with a restless heart and equally restless brain

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