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My Favorite Things In Books

Hello, readers! This post is inspired by many different factors. I have been seeing a lot of people posting recently their favorite things in books, and it inspired me to write a discussion post about my mission as a reader. In that post of mine, I said that I would be making this post soon, and here I am now!

I am also going to give some recommendations on books that have the tropes I’m going to suggest in them and did it really well. I’m not going to explain why I put the book on or what it’s about, but I’m going to link the Goodreads page to all of them.

A Little Bit of Magic in an Every Day Setting

I have to admit that fantasy and I have a very complex relationship. I read them, but I am yet tooo find one that I am incredibly attached to. I generally rate full on fantasy books at most 4 stars. HOWEVER, I do really like magic in real-world setting. I really like the imagery it adds because the magic elements usually build on the message of the story as a whole. I like it even best when this use of magic add a commentary about the society the characters live in.

Coming of Age Stories

I don’t think I have a favorite genre, but I do have a soft spot for coming of age stories. I don’t care if it takes place over a short period of time like the summer or over the character’s lifetime. Any story that shows the character’s growth is guaranteed to be a favorite book of mine.

A Strong Atmosphere

I am going to combine a couple elements into this because I feel like otherwise my favorite things will seem a little too repetitive. I’ve noticed that atmospheric books tend to take place on an island or in a small town. Usually these do have a little bit of magic to them or a different outlook. They also usually have social commentary added to them. I haven’t read that many that take place in the woods, but they definitely do exist. I just read a lot of beachy atmospheric books.

Small Town Allegories

These books take place in a small town and magnifies on the social analysis. A big event happens within the town and everyone within the town has an opinion about the event. I’ve noticed that it is usually about rape culture or women’s agency. In other examples, it discusses the way that marginalized groups are treated within that society, and as a result, society as a whole.

Strong Family Relationships

I really just love any relationship that isn’t romantic. I don’t mind romances, but a strong family or even friendship dynamic is so powerful and strong. It automatically warms my heart. Bonus points isn’t the most endearing relationship because family is messy.

Found Family

There is something so heartwarming about a found family. Friendship truly might be the most powerful type of relationship because it can cross so many different lines. There is such a bondage between people who share similar values. It is so refreshing to see a group of friends care and love each other to the point where they see each other as their own.

A Story Told in Separate Parts

I mean two things by this. The first is that it’s from multiple perspectives and the second is that it takes place in separate timelines. This can still be from the same character’s perspective. We are just seeing the whole story. Different information is just revealed to us at different times. For example, a book that features a podcast is a good example of this because one side

Those are some of my favorite ideas that I like to see in a book. I am sure that there are a couple that I forgot about or just haven’t fully realized how much I like it. This is something I could see myself revisiting in the future. Let’s chat in the comments! What are some of your favorite things to see?

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