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I Adopted a Kitten!

Hello, readers! It’s been a while since I posted, and I realized I should finally let y’all in on a secret I’ve been keeping for a couple months. I didn’t intend to keep this secret, but I wasn’t sure how to give this information, but here I am. As you can tell by the title, I adopted a kitten!

Photo description: Thomas, who is an 11-week old orange tabby kitten. He is sitting on a grey couch

His name is Thomas, and I adopted him from my hometown humane society at the end of August. He’s an orange tabby cat and was about 11 weeks old when I adopted him. He was born at the shelter so his birthday is officially June 7, which yes, makes him a Gemini.

Photo description: Thomas, a four-month-old kitten sleeping in a ball on a beige couch. A red loveseat is behind him

I had wanted to adopt a cat for a really long time, but my college roommate of three and a half years was allergic AND we were on campus so pets weren’t even allowed anyway. Then, I moved back into my parents’ house briefly after graduation and couldn’t adopt there since our family cat probably doesn’t like other cats. I was at that point looking at the shelters near me so I knew that as soon as I could, I would adopt a cat, and I did. I have a roommate now, and she was completely supportive of me getting a cat.

Photo description: Thomas, an orange kitten sitting on top of a wooden desk. The wall is white.

I went in looking at another cat, but the employee took me into the room that he was in and put him on my chest and he instantly started purring. There were two other kittens who were playing with my shoelaces that I also debated on getting. I ultimately picked Thomas because I could only adopt one cat and the other two were doing the same thing so I would be randomly selecting one. Plus, I feel like a cat purring on you is a sign that they chose you so I had to choose him. My roommate has a cat, too, so it was important to me that I got a cat that could at least tolerate other cats, and I felt like Thomas would work well with other cats, and he does.

Photo description: Thomas, an orange kitten is laying underneath a black entertainment center with his front arms out. He’s next to a “That’s What She Said” game box. The carpet is beige.

I ultimately named him “Thomas” because, long story short, I thought it was his name until I found out that Thomas was another cat. By the time I found out, I had started calling him “Thomas”, and it was just his name. Everyone I had talked to beforehand loved the name for him, too, so it just stuck. Before I had a cat, I wanted to go either literary-themed or food-related, but none of them felt right for him. Thomas reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine, which works for him because I have a feeling that he’ll be big, and he purrs so much that I feel like he has an engine.

Photo description: Thomas, an orange kitten snuggling with Cora, a calico cat on a red couch

As for him and my roommate’s cat Cora, I was a little nervous because she had a couple bad interactions with other animals like a cat that was outside my roommate’s old apartment and her parent’s dog. It took a month for her to adjust to him, but he instantly did. I knew he would since he had just come from the shelter and was around other kittens. We’ve both caught them snuggling and Cora will clean Thomas. We like to joke that Thomas is Cora’s annoying cousin that she tries to avoid and then is stuck with.

Photo description: Thomas, an orange kitten is sitting on top of a white toilet with his front arms hanging off

I really enjoy watching him grow both into his personality and his body. I thought that he would be more of a lap cat based on how much he purred at the shelter, but that’s not really the case. At least, right now since kittens are more playful anyway. He always wants to play and loves to play with me or my roommate’s cat. He’ll also randomly claw our walls and is very chatty. He loves it when people come over because he thinks they’re there to entertain him.

Photo description: Thomas, an orange kitten, is sitting on beige carpet in front of wooden doors. His beige scratcher is on the floor by him

I could talk about Thomas forever because he is my favorite thing in the world and my only thoughts, but I will leave it there. If you have any questions about my new kitty that I didn’t answer, let me know in the comments. I’d love to talk to y’all down below.

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