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Books On My Fall TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

Hello, readers! Today I’m here with a Top Ten Tuesday. This is a weekly meme that is run by That Artsy Reader Girl. Many of the books on my Fall TBR are also on my October TBR. I am partially in a reading slump and have been since August. I am starting to get outContinue reading “Books On My Fall TBR | Top Ten Tuesday”

Loveless by Alice Oseman | Book Review

Title: Loveless Author: Alice Oseman Page Count: 433 Publisher: HarperCollins Age Category: Young Adult Genre: Contemporary Rep: aroace mc, f/f side relationship, pansexual side, multiple qpoc Content warning: aphobia (internal and external) Summary: The fourth novel from the phenomenally talented Alice Oseman – one of the most authentic and talked-about voices in contemporary YA. ItContinue reading “Loveless by Alice Oseman | Book Review”

My Mission As A Reader

Hello, readers! Today I thought I would talk about my journey as a reader and as a blogger and what I hope to take out of it. This is inspired by many of Bookandlala’s reading vlogs where she frequently talks her taste in books. I have been reading books ever since I was seven andContinue reading “My Mission As A Reader”

An Enchantment of Ravens |

Title: An Enchantment of Ravens Author: Margaret Rogerson Page Count: 297 Publisher: HaperTeen Age Category: Young Adult Genre: Fantasy Summary: Isobel is a skilled painter is loved by all the fairies in the town. One day, when she paints emotion on the Prince of Autumn’s portrait, her and the Prince must go to his homeContinue reading “An Enchantment of Ravens |”

Books For My Younger Self

It’s Tuesday so you know what that means! This prompt for Top Ten Tuesday is 10 Books for my younger self. As always, Top Ten Tuesday is created by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. Jana gave many different ways that we could connect the books to our younger self, and I’m going to goContinue reading “Books For My Younger Self”

You Should See Me In A Crown | Book Review

Title: You Should See Me In A Crown Author: Leah Johnson Page Count: 328 Publisher: Scholastic Press Year Published: 2020 Age Category: Young Adult Genre: Contemporary Rep: queer, chronic illness, black main character, sapphic romance Trigger warnings: homophobia, racism, attempted hate crime, dead parent *This is a completely spoiler free review Summary: After her scholarshipContinue reading “You Should See Me In A Crown | Book Review”