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March Wrap-Up

Hello, reader! I know the month is almost done, but I really need to make this post because I read a lot in March, and have read quite a bit in April already. March was a great reading month for me. I read twelve books, which is the most I’ve ever read in one month.Continue reading “March Wrap-Up”

February and January Wrap-Up

Hello, readers! We are officially in March so I thought that I would wrap-up everything I’ve read so far this year since I didn’t do one for January because I only read two books. So far, I’ve had a pretty great reading year quality-wise. I’ve read ten books so far; two in January and eightContinue reading “February and January Wrap-Up”

Favorite Books I Read in Summer

Hello, readers! This may seem really weird to post now since we are definitely in fall, but I thought I would share my top five favorite books I read in the summer, and talk about them with you. I will only be including the books I read from June to August because that is summerContinue reading “Favorite Books I Read in Summer”

Why We Still Need Coming Out Stories

Ever since Loveless came out, I have been thinking about the complaint about coming out stories, and I have a lot of thoughts about it. Before we get very far, I just want to specify that I am asexual, and I use the label “queer”. For me, I just feel like it’s a better wayContinue reading “Why We Still Need Coming Out Stories”

My Mission As A Reader

Hello, readers! Today I thought I would talk about my journey as a reader and as a blogger and what I hope to take out of it. This is inspired by many of Bookandlala’s reading vlogs where she frequently talks her taste in books. I have been reading books ever since I was seven andContinue reading “My Mission As A Reader”

Why I Don’t Have Five Star Predictions | Discussion

I don’t want to call it a trend because I don’t think it is, but there are a lot of people in the bookternet who are talking about their five star predictions. I love the concept of this and I do love watching those videos, but I do not personally make predictions for myself. ItContinue reading “Why I Don’t Have Five Star Predictions | Discussion”